3rd July to 1st September 2019, 12th international exhibition for contemporary art Dresden

03rd July – 01st September 2019

Historic Tabaccofactory f6 at Dresden Striesen, Schandauer Str. 68

The second Biennale and also 12th OSTRALE will be dedicated to the theme “ism” .

As part of the Biennale O19, the decentralized exhibition will take place from 11th June to 8th September 2019 in Dresden institutions such as the Dresden Foreigners’ Council e.V., Goethe-Institut Dresden, Memorial Bautzner Straße, Old Firestation Loschwitz | e. Art and Culture Association Dresden and Kunsthaus Raskolnikov e.V./Gallery.

Isms are mostly used as dogmas, juxtaposition, concept of art and social values. Always produced by man, they are also delimitations to other world views. The subject and the collective perception are inextricably linked in art with the current discourses. Here, too, the new media are increasingly allowing limits to be tested. While digital reality and fiction are increasingly blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction, traditional “isms” are being used again to support, defend and stabilize our values and worldview.

What is art, what can art and, in particular, what is art allowed to do?

Should we reset, reset, re-consider attitudes and attitudes, use ism as a discussion and mindset, direct the expanded concept of art as a universal destiny of human creativity to all areas of the lifeworld reality “ism”?